Graphic Design, Publishing & Photography Services by Bri Bruce Productions

Bri designed exceptional logos for my startup business. She was timely and full of creativity. I especially appreciated her navigating me through the process, her experience shines through every step!

I will be working with her again in the near future on various projects.
— Cherme W.
Bri is an amazing photographer and great to work with . . . I honestly can’t think of one negative thing about the experience.
— Deb DuHamel, Owner of Seabreeze Boutique
I wouldn’t hesitate in the least to hire her again . . . I wouldn’t go to anyone else. 
— Richard Rensberry, Author of "The Wolf Pack Moon"
Bri’s design skills are incredible and she has an amazing way of listening to what my vision is.
— Allison Marie Conway, Author of "Luminae" and "Vein"


Bri's design skills are incredible and she has an amazing way of listening to what my vision is for the book and making it into the perfect expression through imagery. I have been complimented countless times for the aesthetic beauty of my books, both on the interiors and the covers. As the proud author of two books, I cannot be more thrilled or feel more blessed to have [Bri] on my self-publishing team!

- Allison Conway, Author of Luminae


I used Bri Bruce to assist me with the formatting of my manuscript to make it suitable for publication. In addition, I asked her to help with a front and back cover presentation. So, what had been just a document on my computer with a dozen photos became a tangible piece of work that I am now proud of. It looks good, it feels good . . . so good I'm reading the book again!  Bri's attention to detail and knowledge is now obvious to me. To do it right and to do it reasonably priced are two things very important to any author of course; but, to accomplish it promptly, not to mention right on schedule was particularly helpful to me. 

- Wes Choc, Author of Inconspicuous: Walter Rothwell's Undercover Journey During the Cold War and Just Dust

I had the pleasure of working with Bri on a fashion shoot, as I needed photographs for my website and all my marketing material.  Simply put, Bri is an amazing photographer and great to work with. I had a very specific vision of what I wanted the photographs to portray. We collaborated on it and she absolutely nailed it.  I got exactly what I was looking for, and more!  She was incredibly patient with me and worked on it tirelessly with me.  She adds a real artistic flare to her photographs, and can make even mundane subject matter exciting. Her photographs have compelling composition, great use of light, and they pull you in. I honestly can’t think of one negative thing about the experience.

 - Deb DuHamel, Owner of Seabreeze Boutique

Bri Bruce was recommended to me by one of her clients, and I was immediately impressed with her portfolio. Bri is talented, efficient, and delivers exactly what she says she will in the time frame promised. Most importantly, the finished product looked terrific! 

- Timothy Pike,

I want to acknowledge Bri's professionalism and ease with which we worked. She made the process of publishing my book fun and easy. I wouldn't hesitate in the least to hire her again. If I need these services in the future, I wouldn't go to anyone else. 

- Richard Rensberry, Author of The Wolf Pack Moon

I hired Bri Bruce to lay out my full color book--containing over 20 info-graphics. Bri was efficient, timely, artful, and totally exceptional! My project layout was very tedious and she was equally patient. I recommend Bri's services to all the authors out there who want to present a professional looking book to their future readership! 

- ABCrane, author of Project Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy

Bri and I worked on our end of the year materials for Save The Waves. She was always very punctual with her work, had a great attention for detail, and a keen sense of how to bring all elements of a publication together to communicate the essential messages. She is an asset as a collaborator to any non-profit or for profit business.

- Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director at Save The Waves Coalition

Working with Bri was straightforward and professional. Every step of the process while getting my poetry collection edited went smoothly and quickly. Bri's eye for editing helped me improve and enhance my hard work. I'd surely use her services again as well as recommend her services to others. 

- Richard Rensberry, Author of If I Were...

Bri is a meticulous and skillful editor, as well as a gifted cover artist. The beautiful exterior of my novel mirrors the polished layout she created for the interior, resulting in a book that is both professional-looking and and of high quality. I am very pleased with the finished product.

- M. Reed McCall, award-winning author and author of Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven

Working with Bri has been more than a treat, from both a professional and personal standpoint. Her love for the craft comes through at every instance. Not only does she have a keen eye for spotting inconsistencies and areas in the manuscript that need further clarification, she points to those areas with utmost respect and rationalization, preserving both her and the writer’s integrity. Her expertize and foresight with regards to planning the editing sprints with the aim to meet the publishing deadline have helped turn stress filled days into very productive sessions that took the book to new levels. 

Bri is one of those unique individuals who can easily oscillate between structure and flow. She comes across as incredibly organized and a great communicator. I was constantly updated with the status of the project and armed with enough information to call the shots on important decisions. In addition, Bri is an extremely talented artist certainly attuned to the finer realms. It became evident when Bri designed the cover to my book that not only fit the themes therein contained but transcended them altogether. Her genuine warmth and sharp judgment make working with Bri both a pleasure and a luxury.

- Ewa K. Zwonarz, Author of Moonchild

Bri Bruce Productions went above and beyond to ensure that all of the minute details and content were perfected. Bri has proven herself to be about providing her clients with a remarkable experience. She makes each publishing and/or web design project seem quick and easy. her skill set is perfect for all your publishing needs. She designed my website and logo and worked hard until we finally found a perfect design and layout. I couldn't be more satisfied with her work. Most importantly, Bri is passionate about what she does and her demeanor is positive and professional. I will call Bri for all my publishing needs! 

Andrew M. Garrison, Owner/Founder of A.M.G. Transportation

Bri Bruce from Bri Bruce Productions has done a wonderful job formatting and publishing my book, The Chill Turned Warm. Although I provided a photo of my own for the cover art, she did all of the work to make it happen. Thanks, Bri, with heartfelt gratitude, for being such an angel to me. 

- Bonnie Gail Carter, Author of The Chill Turned Warm

Thanks, Bri Bruce, for editing my upcoming book, "Observant Observings." The book is most certainly better for Bri's input and I'm proud to have her as part of my publishing team. 

- Marie Hanna Curren, Author of Observant Observings

I worked with Bri on a book that was near and dear to me, the author, and his family. It was a 500-page memoir that was written near the very end of my friend’s life. There was much to do in editing, cleaning-up, formatting, inserting photos. There was a lot of pressure as my friend was approaching his 97th year and his health was failing. My experience of working with Bri was very positive.  She worked very hard, did fabulous work, and was a pleasure to deal with. When we had a big hiccup in the beginning, she was very gracious and professional. She was always helpful and responsive. The book was finally delivered to the author just a couple of weeks before he passed. That was such a gift and without Bri’s very hard work, it would not have happened. The whole family appreciated her meticulous attention to detail and her sense of design.

I highly recommend Bri Bruce for any editing and formatting job. She is excellent.

P. Becker, Project: My Life by George Arron Klein

It has been a wonderful experience working with Bri on my book Adventure Inward: A Risk Taker's Book of Quotes. Bri provided editing, layout, cover design, and lots of very helpful advice and suggestions as I readied my book for publishing. Bri was very responsive and professional, and guided me through the process of getting my book ready to print. Her turnaround time was short, and she was always very supportive and encouraging of me and my work. Bri gave me both the professional assistance and confidence that I needed as a first-time author. I'm already looking forward to working with Bri on my next book project.

- Jonathan Wunrow, Award-Winning Author of Adventure Inward: A Risk Taker's Book of Quotes and High Points: A Climber's Guide to Central America

Bri Bruce is the consummate professional. Her communication before, during, and after a project is exceptional and very comforting. Her ability to smooth the language of one's manuscript is top shelf, first rate. This, of course, provides a great deal of comfort as one's manuscript prepares to become both a printed book and an eBook. It is safe to say that Bri will be the editor of choice for Tayen Lane Publishing's forthcoming books, across all genres! I highly recommend Bri's editorial services and her work ethic. 

Kermit E. Heartsong, Publisher at Tayen Lane Publishing and Author of Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters: How the Truths of Our Time May Be Stranger Than Fiction

I've self-published a few books independently, so I am not unfamiliar with formatting my work. But I was recently looking for some help formatting an eBook. I am so glad that I found Bri as a local resource. I was a bit hesitant to work with someone that I didn't know, but I received reliable, professional support throughout the process and am glad I chose Bri. I truly appreciate the support and will look to use her services in the future.

Chris Goode, Author of The Average Hiker's Above Average Guide to Backpacking

Bri Bruce is by far the most organized, thorough, professional editor I have ever worked with. Detail-oriented while always seeing the big picture, Bri juggles the thousands of elements necessary for a flawless editing of a book, manages its interior and cover design, watches the calendar to keep everyone on track, and does it with style, humor, respect, perfection! I love working with her, and welcome any job that she will be managing! There isn’t enough space (editing needed, please!) for me to write all that Bri brings to the page, to the project and to the profession.

 - Chris Dec, Chris Dec Graphic Design & Jewelry

Bri was a pleasure to work with. Her daily dedication to editing, writing and social media marketing give her authors a fighting chance at getting noticed. She has a thick skin and can thrive in any situation. I recommend her for your next publishing venture!

-Corinne K., Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Group

I really enjoyed working with Bri from start to finish.

- Vern Benson, Author of Stop Smoking: Understanding the Machinery of the Learning System

Bri has exceptional work ethic. Any project Bri takes on will be accurate, complete, and show the pride she puts into anything she chooses to undertake. I spent many years in a Director level position within the Semiconductor Industry. I would not hesitate to hire Bri for any project. She is extremely bright and talented. If I was actively working, I would hire Bri. She would be an excellent asset to any organization. In addition to Bri’s work ethic, she is very personable and really just a joy to work with and partner with. She is a real problem solver and team player.

- Brenda W., former Senior Sales Director